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> when I can't find any indication of a "new" eastbound main

There is no "New" eastbound main line. The "Old Eastbound Mainline"
is essentially just a running track on the far south side of the yard
with all movements between the signal at 672 shanty to the signal at
Park St. ("The Bakery" - for the now defunct nearby Kroger Bakery) made
at restricted speed.
Eastbound movements from "Big Hopper Yard" tracks 1 -10 can be made VIA
the Old Eastbound Main (also equally known as Track 57), yard track
56/#1 Forwarding Yard and track 55/#2 forwarding Yard.
Eastbound movements from "Big Hopper Yard" tracks 11 - 20 can be made
down the Eastbound or Westbound Running tracks, track #9 Forwarding Yard
(which bears off of the Eastbound R/T east of the shop track cleanout
building) or the "Drag Strip"/#8 Forwarding Yard.
Eastbound movements made from the Empty Side Yard tracks 1 - 10 can be
made down (from L to R looking east) the Westbound Main, "The Running
Track" (better know as #1 Park St.) or the "Tail Track" which runs into
the Westbound Running Track at 19th St.

BTW, the map you provided can be very very very confusing! Things are
just not what they seem on the map. It is much better to look at the
yard on Google Earth to see how things truly are laid out.

Jimmy Lisle

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