Amercian Manganese Company at Crimora

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I think the mines at Crimora lasted well into the 20th century. My dad grew up in Crimora, and he was well aware of the mines' existence. He was able to point out to me, for example, the location of the barn used for housing the donkeys that worked in the mines. The mines area in Crimora is now the location of private residences. For the record, there was also manganese mining near Vesuvius.
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I recently purchased several Shenandoah Valley Railroad freight payment receipts paid by "Am Mang Co."  I am assuming that the abbreviation is for the American Manganese Company at Crimora.  Does anyone have information about this company, such as when it discontinued operations?  I assume that it must have done mining and smelting during the 1890s. An Internet search isn't turning up any corporate history from that era.  The agent at Crimora during 1889 was C. M. Myers.

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