World War II Steam Locomotive Query: Stationary Power Production

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Hello All,

I have a steam locomotive history question that I hope one or more of you
can answer for a World War II model railroading project I am engaged in. In
addition, I am generally interested in this question from a history of
technology standpoint. There were a number of N&W locomotives used during
the war as stationary steam units for industrial power use when plant
construction schedules and war needs overlapped. In a number of cases large
articulated units were used to bring plants online before onsite power
plants were finished because of wartime expediency. Mason Cooper mentions
this in his book on the Shenandoah Division and has a few photos. My
question, from a modeling standpoint, is how were such locomotives secured
to the track for long periods? Were wheel sets chocked or the united
attached to the ground in some manner? The last time I was down at the
archives I meant to search for photographs but forgot and may try later in
the year.

I am building either a chemical or pharmaceutical plant and plan to have
one locomotive in the foreground providing steam through a pipeline system
although I have been wondering about how the locomotive was secured. Any
thoughts or anyone with previous experience with the matter would be
greatly appreciated.



Gerard J. Fitzgerald

Charlottesville, Virginia
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