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Nathan and Harry,

Thanks to the late Robert Anderson, we have a complete
listing of every steam locomotive that operated on the Shenandoah Division from
approximately 1947 almost to the end of steam. All the records were thrown
into the turntable pit at Shenandoah as fill, in the early 1960s and Robert
had the foresight to “pilfer” some, until a thunderstorm ruined the bulk of
them. These records have been entrusted to me and I have it in my Last Will
& Testament that when I take a “dirt nap” that they go to the NWHS
Archives. My real job is kind of hairy right now, and I didn’t want to let
this out for fear of being overburdened with questions, but I am attaching
a page from the mid-1950s. You can enlarge it and get a representative
sample of the road numbers of these locomotives.

Mason Cooper


Does any one know and/or can send me a list of Steam Locomotives that

typically ran the Shenandoah Division, namely the Hagerstown District.


>From 1924, the locomotives assigned to the Shendandoah Division

were in captive service more or less. By ICC edict, each major

railroad had to have a district equipped with Automatic Train

Control(ATC). N&W selected the Shenandoah-Hagerstown district

initially, then extended it from Shenandoah to Roanoke. The

engines had to be equipped with cab signals and didn't roam the

system. Mason Cooper's book on the Shenandoah Division shows some

of the assignments over various periods. Incidentally, the

ATC-equippped K and E class engines assigned to Richmond-Petersburg

service wouldn't operate on the Shenandoah Div. because N&W used

Union Switch & Signal and ACL used GRS. Harry Bundy
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