Shenandoah Division Steam Locomotives

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That was one of the points I was about to make. Also, the 4-4-2's were assigned to the Norfolk-Richmond "Cannonball" and would have needed ATC equipment to run on the ACL to and from Richmond.
Lois J.Ponton
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Lois:  No it is NOT 606 the 4-8-4, but 606 the 4-4-2 Atlantic.  The addition of the ATC rig to the 606 was written up in one of the 1930's employee magazines- I don't remember which issue.

Gary Rolih
Are you sure about that Gary? According to Prince, 606 the 4-4-2 left the roster in 1933, which is years before 2180 (just above it on the list) was even built.

Jimmy Lisle
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