Shenandoah Division Steam Locomotives

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That was one of the points I was about to make. Also, the 4-4-2's were assigned to the Norfolk-Richmond "Cannonball" and would have needed ATC equipment to run on the ACL to and from Richmond.

By 1955, the Shenandoah Division had down graded the ATC arrangement, but still had
cab signals in operation. Although the 4-8-4 Class J locomotive weren't equipped with
cab signals, they could be operated Roanoke - Hagerstown with the Superintendent's
permission. Without cab signals, passenger trains couldn't exceed 35 MPH. Note that
606 is shown handling an extra -- an inspection train maybe ? Not ATC, cab signal or
4-8-4 territory, but remember doubled headed Js handled "Ike's" campaign special from
Winston-Salem to Roanoke. Harry Bundy

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