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There has been a request,below, made to the Old Dominion Chapter of the
NRHS. Don't know if anybody on the list could help.

Alan Cox

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I received the message below earlier today. I have no information which
might help this gentleman. If any of you do, you may contact him directly or
send it to me and I'll forward it.



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Subject: Need help with a RR preservation emergency
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Dear Old Dominion Chapter members,

Could your members possibly help us with a RR preservation emergency?

You have probably heard about the proposal to build an amphitheater below
the War Memorial. This amphitheater would not only damage the canal by
lowering the tow path embankment, but the railroad tracks on the tow path
would be removed also. These railroad tracks were the Tredegar Branch of the
Richmond and Danville Railroad that connected the Tredegar Iron Works with
Old Dominion Iron and Nail on Belle Isle. The stone pylons are still in the
James River for the railroad bridge that connected Tredegar with the iron
works on Belle Isle.

The amphitheater site below the canal is all on the National Register of
Historic Places as part of the Tredegar Historic Site. We are beside
ourselves that Venture Richmond is proposing to needlessly destroy the surviving
Tredegar Branch railroad at the Tredegar Historic Site.

As you know, the Tredegar Iron Works made railroad tracks and spikes, and
it is our belief that these tracks on the canal tow path may actually have
been made at Tredegar, which was in business until 1936. Would there be
any surviving records from the Richmond and Danville Railroad that would
indicate with whom they were contracting to make their railroad tracks? Is
there any way to determine from examining the tracks where they were made?

The amphitheater project is currently being reviewed by the Va. Department
of Historic Resources, and we feel that it would make a very big
difference if we could document that the tracks were made at Tredegar!

Thanks so much,

Charles Pool
(804) 788-0359

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