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Re: Models for N&W's HO display layout.

Jimmy Lisle and I have been trying to find out more about professional model builder George Stock.

>From this post it looks like there were two of each steam model made for the display layout. My theory is that there was a backup for each locomotive operating on the layout and one set by George Stock and the other set built by Tenshodo.


I believe the A and J in this photo to be the work of George Stock.

The detailing is a little sparse on these models. The A lacks steps on the pilot face. The smoke box front appears to be a turning rather than a casting. On the J the boiler hand rail does not look like the railing on the Japanese built PFM models from 1960-61. By enlarging the photo the J looks to be hand lettered. George Stock was known for exquisite hand lettering.

I consulted my copy of "Brown Book of Brass Locomotives" and found that in 1957 Tenshodo custom made for N&W one each of an A, J, and S1, all factory painted and imported through Pacific Fast Mail. So these might be the only A and J ever made by Tenshodo. However from 1963 to 1970 Tenshodo made 511 C&O C-15 class. The boxes they came in were labelled C&O/N&W since N&W was the buyer of the C&O 0-8-0's. The later production runs of PFM A's were built by Atlas/Asahi and the J's were by Toby.

To confound things, ModelTrains.com has two PFM J's for sale, one painted and one unpainted. Curiously the painted model has a Tenshodo gearbox cover.

As for the GP9 units Tenshodo made a few hundred between 1955 and 1961. They were factory painted in batches of 5 to 50 for various roads. However in 1957, one unit was produced in N&W paint.

>From what Jimmy Lisle has discovered, there are very few people who remember George Stock. But this does add a little to the history of N&W's HO layout.

--Rick Morrison

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