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Just one small correction in your "Takin' Twenty" of last evening, 6/4/2014.

You wrote:  I told the Brethren the good news that the N&W Y6a #2156 is  scheduled to return to VMT from St. Louis  for a 5-year display soon.   This is a swap with VMT's EMD FT "B" unit to compliment the FT "A" demo unit that the St.Louis Rail Museum has.  Several remembered "Wick"  Moorman speaking of "wanting our Y back" at the N&W (and VGN)  Conventionseveral years back.  Looks like the trinity of steam may be  on display in Roanoke again with the J #611 and A #1218 sitting with the #2156.

Mr. Moorman's speech where he said he "wanted his engine back" (directed to St. Louis Chapter members attending that evening), took place at the 2007 NRHS National Convention banquet in Chattanooga.

This is great news of a reunion that we have all dreamed about and are looking forward to witnessing!

Jeff Sanders
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