N&W Frt Cars by Ralston, 1913-1927 - Photos

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Indeed, Ralston was near Columbus - not too far east of N&W's Joyce Avenue Terminus.  


Many of the original buildings are still in place.  The google maps link above shows the wedge shaped site bounded by the Pennsy / B&O (Panhandle) on the south, Cassady Avenue on the west and 4th Avenue on the north.  The NYC (former T&OC) right of way can still be seen angling up to the northeast.  The NYC line continued to a terminus alongside Joyce Avenue yard to service some industry there (a very short section of that former line has been rehabilitated and is now operated by NS)

Matt Goodman
Columbus, OH

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Picked up off the B&O List.  Here is a link to seven images (glass plate negatives) of N&W stock cars, box cars and hoppers built by the Ralston Car Co. between 1913 and 1927.  I think Ralston's plant was somewhere near Columbus.


If this long link does not work for you,  go to the following shorter link and then click "Ralston Steel Car Co. Photographs."

-- abram burnett

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