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Why not? Hey, the Brits built this beauty a few years back, the first  
they've built in 50 years. It's just a matter of time, money, tooling,  
facilities, skilled manpower and the desire to make it happen.
Greg Harrod
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Hi  Listers:  No progress on 2156 this past week; the NS mechanic was  
taking vacation.
At present, both main rods have been removed from the  fireman's (left) 
side; exposed ends
of linkage have been padded and  taped.  No start on the engineer's 
(right) side.  And no
word  yet on date and routing for the move east.  Will post photos when 
I  have the time.

Unrelated info; the MOT has brochure from  the "T-1 Trust".  Had not 
heard of this group before;
the document  introduces their plan (?) to build and operate an all new 
PRR T-1.  A  far reach,
but if the 611 and the Big Boy can operate again, perhaps  nothing is 
impossible.  Stay tuned.

Jerome  Crosson - NWHS, formerly NJ, now St. Peters  MO.

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