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> Bill
> I just realised  who you are by following your link, sorry for my 
> ignorance. 

No apologies needed... after brain surgery there are some days where I 
am not sure who I am also!  ;-)

> Are any of your structures N&W/ VIRGINIAN/ SOUTHERN specifically 
> based. If so I might need your services

Right now, we have only one specific kit.... the Company House in HO and 
O scales which was based on a photo from Pickshin, WV... area serviced 
by the VGN.  Many of our other kits, like the coal tipples, are 
freelanced, but inspired by prototypes in VA, WV, and PA where we take a 
bit of this one, and a bit of that one to create an interesting kit.

Now that the bulk of the health issues are behind me and I am slowly 
getting back up to speed, there will be prototypical kits coming for 
both the VGN and N&W.  Just takes time.

Take care

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