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Thanks for the information.  I was thinking of a commercial ready to run model. 

 I don't see building a TT kit anytime soon.  You never know though, I have been known to go off on tangents at any time.   A 40 ft boxcar kit would be the thing I guess, but I never have worked with anything but commercial decals already correct to scale.

The thing I like about the display is that all the models are pretty close to the exact same car (and are N&W).

Bob Huston

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> And, since I brought up multiple scales; I have a display I take to shows 
> which has several N&W boxcars with half moon herald. One each in Z, N, HO, 
> S, O, and G.  If anyone has any knowledge on whether or not there was ever 
> one in TT I would appreciate the information.
> Bob Huston
> Hi Bob
> Not to my knowledge and even it there was it would have been a wood and card 
> kit from around the Forties or Fifties and not like any of todays superb HO 
> offerings. I have a lot of these types of models and to my knowledge the 
> only N&W car is a covered hopper with printed Norfolk & Western logo but no 
> Heralds. Should I come across one you will be the first to know
> Kind regards
> Richard 
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