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All -
I was wrong.  Larry is correct.  CSX labeled their Conrail  equipment NYC, 
not PRR. NS did not change the Conrail equipment  identification that they 
received in the purchase.  Thanks.  How much  I've forgotten after being 
fully retired for more than five years.  Brosnan  would not be happy with me.
Bill Browder
Moneta, Virginia
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Let’s  try this again . When they broke up Conrail the NYC reporting mark 
was  transferred to CSX.  The PRR and CR reporting marks 
were  transferred to Norfolk Southern and still belong to them . They 
changed the  reporting marks on equipment that went to CSX to the NYC mark . 
There was not  any need to put PRR on the equipment going to NS as they 
inherited the CR  reporting mark but there was some stuff that got the PRR mark most 
noticeable  were some locomotives 
Larry  Evans 
Kenova,  WV 
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Bruce  and Larry  -

I can  assure all that CSX was  the party to apply PRR to their former 
Conrail  cars.  Norfolk Southern did not apply anything to the former Conrail  
railcars they acquired in the merger.

Bill  Browder
Moneta,  Virginia

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You  are correct here . Even today PRR  is a Norfolk Southern  mark  just 
like SOU,NW
NS  owns all cars carrying that mark. Same with CSX and the NYC reporting  

Larry  Evans

"There's the sun, there's the moon, there's the air we breathe,  and  
there's  the Rolling Stones"  Keith Richards


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On  Thu, Apr 16, 2015 at 8:08 PM,  
First  developed when NS and CSX purchased Conrail and divided up the 
Conrail  equipment.  In order to avoid duplicate reporting markings with the  
Association of American Railroads (AAR) reporting system, it was  agreed that 
CSX would add PRR to the unique number of the equipment they  acquired.  NS 
would not add anything to the equipment they acquired  in the division of 
Conrail equipment they received in the  purchase.


​I thought that  because of the way Conrail had been divided, Norfolk 
Southern (which  picked up mostly former Pennsylvania RR lines) used the PRR 
reporting mark  and CSX (which received mostly former New York Central lines) 
used the NYC  reporting mark.​


Second,  Norfolk Southern and its predecessor Southern Railway used the sub 
 lettering on their locomotives to visually identify ownership under the  
Interstate Commerce Commission (ICC) identification standards.   They use to 
go further and have metal plates attached to the locomotives  and other 
equipment which identified the entity, normally a bank, that  had financed the 


​Equipment trusts  probably had a lot to do with how ​equipment was  
lettered and tracked during and right after a  merger.

Finally,  I'm not sure that "Southern purchased the N&W," ever, although  I 
always enjoyed telling everybody that, especially after Ed Burwell  sent me 
to the N&W coal piers at Lamberts Point and I had to relearn  all the 
operating and safety rules for the  N&W!


​I don't know if  the Southern Railway still exists as a corporation, but 
the Norfolk &  Western Railway was terminated as a company when it was fully 
merged into  the Norfolk Southern Railway Company in 1998. See  for the report from the Surface 
Transportation  Board.

Bruce in  Blacksburg

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