class HC-11 covered hoppers

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These 70 cars (71900-71969) were built at Princeton, and are a modification of the Virginian H14 design (N&W class H34) They were used for "Coal Char" loading until 1969, when 64 of them had the roofs removed to equip them for wood chip service and the remaining 6 were retired in the early 1980's.
Jim Nichols 

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 <!--#yiv9841089466 .yiv9841089466hmmessage P{margin:0px;padding:0px;}#yiv9841089466 body.yiv9841089466hmmessage{font-size:12pt;font-family:Calibri;}-->In looking through the image archives I found a set of photos for the HC-11 covered hoppers.  At first glance, these look like regular H-11 hoppers with extended height sides and a lid.   The built date appears to be 1961.

Does anyone have the actual diagrams or dimensions of this car?  What was their intended service?

Thanks in advance, 
Brent Greer 
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