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The HC-11 covered hoppers were built in 1961 at Princeton Shops.  These were former VGN H-14 hoppers (N&W Class H34 post merger) that were modified as you surmised with extended sides.  They were to haul coal char and were equipped with 16 vibrator castings presumably to aid in unloading.  The cubic foot capacity was 3,770 compared with the 2,573 capacity for a level load in a H-14.  Both cars were rated at 70 tons. 
The HC-11 was 41 feet over strikers and 15 feet 1 inch to top of running board.  The general arrangement drawing is G48446. 
Hope this helps. 
Jim Brewer 

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In looking through the image archives I found a set of photos for the HC-11 covered hoppers.  At first glance, these look like regular H-11 hoppers with extended height sides and a lid.   The built date appears to be 1961. 

Does anyone have the actual diagrams or dimensions of this car?  What was their intended service? 

Thanks in advance, 
Brent Greer 

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