Class J Shoppings after Jan 1956

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While we are "Saunders bashing," one might point out that he lost a fortune because he would not use his insider knowledge to sell his PennCentral stock before the bankruptcy. This was reported at the time (I think it was in Time Magazine.) Whatever your feeling about the end of steam, I don't think it is fair to demonize him. Besides, the buying of Diesels started under Smith, and it was a necessity, since there were no longer outside suppliers for steam parts. And deferred maintenance had started several years before. also. By the summer of 1954, several section gangs had been eliminated, and they were not hiring new workers. I Know, because I was the lone new hire on section 1 in Bluefield that summer (nepotism).
Jim Nichols  

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> Now, my father told me years ago, that Saunders pushed for the 
> building of Community Hospital, and it was virtually a requirement of 
> all Roanoke based employees to contribute to the fund raising. My 
> father resented this, but contributed regardless, and it must have 
> been a decent amount, as my father's name was on a large plaque with 
> others that was still in the place before it closed. Do you recall that?
That was a little before my time, but, my father in law told me the same 
thing. Contributing to the United Way was another way to keep a target 
off your back!

Jimmy Lisle
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