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Thanks Harry. Attached is a photo of A. H. Price and a clipping about his
retirement that we received from his estate. Both he and J. L. Akers served
as mayors of Rural Retreat.

Frank Akers
Rural Retreat


> Then there is another closer to find source: Roanoke (as well as private
> collections) and the N&WHS. There are in the society some of the many
> frequently issued lists the RR produced in a small pocket booklet form.
> Those list the agent of record for that specific date for open stations.
> They stopped being issued in the mid-1950's. I have some of the issues in
> the 1930's and 1940's and am sure the N&WHS has many I do not. Some of the
> readers of this list no doubt have some as well and may be willing to
> assist you, if they can locate which pile or box those treasures are
> located.
> Following Bob's clue, I looked in Hollinger box
> #00693at the archives and found *some* of the booklets.
> The booklets showed stations, but not agents until *about*
> 1941.  The one dated Apr. 1941 shows A. H. Price as the
> "T&F" agent -- ticket and freight.
> Next is the issue of Nov. 1, 1954 showing W.A.Price.
> Next is the Oct. 16, 1958 issue - J.L.Akers.
> May have overlooked some of the booklets.
>                                                     Harry Bundy
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