Two questions for the N&W Pros

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I am not a pro when it comes to all things N&W but am dangerous enough  
to know
some stuff somewhat.
   As Ed King mentioned the J's were designed to run long distances.   
As for water they
would run 50-100 miles without taking water.  Generally the J's could  
do 100.  On the
Cincinnati to Portsmouth line where I lived during the end of steam,  
we had one water plug
and that was in Sardinia, roughly half-way on the line.  My dad has  
movies of a streamlined
4-8-2 taking water(Cavalier), but I think the J's just rolled on  
through if there was no passenger
stop(later days was flag stop).  If folks got our "N&W In Transition"  
video released last fall there
is a scene of 611 in 1958 passing through Sardinia as the first train  
after the big wreck there
on Easter.  They did not stop for water and they had a huge train that  
   As for coal, I am not certain how far they could go on one tender  
full, but the N&W had coaling
towers along the main line at several locations.  Here are the ones I  
remember that were not regular

(1) Pritchard,- east of Kenova toward Williamson
(2) Hemp Hill(or is it called Farm?) which is near Welch
(3) Vickers, near Walton on Christiansburg Grade.

Not sure if there were any between Roanoke and Norfolk, I don't think  
so other than maybe Crewe.

As for N&W running 3 passenger trains in 1950....well there were more  
than that.  You had the Arrow,
Cavalier, and Pocahontas on Norf-Cincy run, but you also had 2-3  
trains on the Bristol line, plus
the Shenendoah line with the K class 4-8-2's.  Might even be another  
one or two in there like one
to Petersburg?  All this is off the top of my head.

Also I believe list Member Ken Miller and maybe someone else on here  
did N&W passenger train books.
They and others can easily answer and fill in what I missed.
Greg Scholl
P.O. Box 123
Batavia, OH 45103

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>> Two questions for the N&W Pros

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