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"That typical load of front end cargo"
you quoted is known in the trade as
"head end traffic".  Until 1955 (or so)
The Powhatan Arrow didn't handle head 
end traffic.
In addition to the N&W's three trains
moving through Roanoke, Js also handled
three interline passenger trains between
Monroe and Bristol -- The Pelican, The
Tennessean, and The Birmingham Special.

Ed is right - in the cycle of the Class
J, there was one assignment that took
the locomotive Norfolk to Cincinnati
without relief. This can be found in
Prince's N&W book.

Originally, Prichard was not a service
point for the Class J.  At Cincinnati
the Js were turned and serviced by the
Cincinnati Terminal Co.. a joint facility
which required using railroads to reimburse
the company for service.  I don't know the
formula CUT used - perhaps it was a percentage
of passenger, but probably a percentage of
engines serviced.  N&W thought they were
getting soaked and elected to top off the
westbound Js with coal and water at Prichard,
eliminating the need for Cincinnati service.
Problem was coal.  Too many times the Js
would arrive eastbound at Prichard gasping
for breath.                   Harry Bundy  
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