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Harry is, as usual, correct!

There was a discussion I recall from some correspondence that I've seen regarding the cost of servicing at CUT, and how to eliminate that by service at Prichard, which did indeed happen. It became more of an issue once other roads started using diesels.

In addition, there was also a separate discussion on taking Southern's coal at Monroe and the cost (and quality) or that coal. I forget exactly what year, but in the 1940s, a discussion of moving the water plugs eastward at Roanoke, to allow the Js to take water during the station stop on the Bristol-Monroe trips. Naturally, once the Southern dieselized that Division, the coal and water facilities were removed.

In addition to Prince's book, the J assignment diagram is also in my J book, and will be used again in the revised, expanded edition (hopefully late this year).

Ken Miller

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> Originally, Prichard was not a service
> point for the Class J.  At Cincinnati
> the Js were turned and serviced by the
> Cincinnati Terminal Co.. a joint facility
> which required using railroads to reimburse
> the company for service.  I don't know the
> formula CUT used - perhaps it was a percentage
> of passenger, but probably a percentage of
> engines serviced.  N&W thought they were
> getting soaked and elected to top off the
> westbound Js with coal and water at Prichard,
> eliminating the need for Cincinnati service.
> Problem was coal.  Too many times the Js
> would arrive eastbound at Prichard gasping
> for breath.                   Harry Bundy  
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