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In addition to Prince's book, the J assignment diagram is also in my J book, and will be used again in the revised, expanded edition (hopefully late this year). 
An interesting feature about the J cycle--the Sept. 1, 1954
revision shows that the J arriving Norfolk on No. 4 went to
make the power for No. 21.  Bear in mind that No. 4 headed
in to Norfolk Terminal Station and passengers had to be
discharged and head end traffic unloaded before the coach
yard shifter could take the cars off  the J.  Then the J had
to travel 4 1/2 miles (+ or -) to Lamberts Point to be turned,
serviced, and return to Terminal Station in time for No. 21's
departure at 7:45 PM.  Must have been a whole lotta 
shakin' going on even if it was on time.  Most terminals
and crew change points kept a "just in case" engine in
reserve for emergencies.                       Harry Bundy

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