Jacob Foller, N&W Telegrapher at Roanoke, 1901

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Sat Sep 5 22:10:26 EDT 2015

Presently listed on Ebay (item # 201421201130v) is an Order of Railroad Telegraphers membership certificate issued to Jacob Foller of Roanoke, in 1901. More accurately, it is a certificate of membership in the ORT's Mutual Benefit Association, the organization's insurance wing. Because the photographs in the listing are not clear, I wrote the seller to confirm the man's name. 

I do not need this piece, as I already have one. They are nice certificates, measuring 12 x 18.5", and display nicely when framed. 

I have never seen Jacob Foller's name in any records heretofore. Has anyone else? 

-- abram burnett
"SW" Telegraph Office

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