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Ed King wrote about the J locos at Bristol ... 

>>>>  Occasionally it became necessary to turn the J arriving at
Bristol on #41 to leave OT with #46.  You talk about a lotta shaking. The
engine had to back the mile and a half to the roundhouse, get her fire cleaned,
coaled and watered, in the house for a quick check and lubricating the rods, and
back out and back down to the station.  But somehow, it got done.  But such
capabilities were designed into the J.  The Ks, as good as they were  (and they
were good) with their 1919 technology couldn't hope to perform like
that.   <<<<

Edward ... Did this by chance happen during your college-boy days when you spent summers working jobs at the Bristol roundhouse and taking photos of that last Southern steam train?

Ooooohhh yeah ... I remember you ... Bob

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