"Takin' Twenty" with the Virginian Brethren by Skip Salmon

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Last night, on Veteran's Day, I had the honor of "Takin' Twenty" with five
of the Brethren and Friends of the Virginian Railway.  Joining us for the
first time were Paul Howell and His son Paul,Jr.,  members of the Roanoke
Chapter NRHS.  The Country Cookin' Restaurant gave a free meal to those of
us who have served in our Nation"s military.  It was very refreshing and
assuring to see groups of people going through the crowd personally
thanking veterans for their service.  Wis Sowder remembered being on a Navy
ship and watching a Japanese kamikaze "pull up just before he hit the deck
but clipped the mast and tumbled and exploded.  I wouldn't be here tonight
if he hadn't", Wis said.  Thanks to all you who have served our Nation in
the military!

 We signed a Get Well card for our former VGN RWY Engineer Raymond East,
who is in the hospital and will receive a "Pace Maker" in surgery today.
Remember Raymond in your prayers.  We spoke of Raymond a lot last night and
recalled his stories about serving in combat during the Korean Conflict.

 The ebay report this time has the following VGN items sold:  Brass
Sweetheart locks: one for $835 and one for $1125; Leather belt buckle with
VGN RWY logo for $19.99; May, 1914 public timetable for $132.50; VGN RWY
spittoon for $316.11 and one VGN Conductor's coat button for $76.

 The Jewel from the Past is from November 13, 2008:  "When Landon Gregory
was telling about the Panama Canal, we also talked about how the Canal
saved 8.000 miles on a trip from the Atlantic to the Pacific Ocean and that
the liner paid over $200,000 fee for passage.  Cornbread Victory's
contribution was this: 'I wonder how deep the oceans would be without all
those sponges'"

 We also talked about the recent news about a possible Norfolk
Southern-Canadian Pacific Railway merger. This prompted a rise in NS stock
of over $8 per share one day recently.  Wis Sowder, former VGN Clerk, when
told this would connect former VGN tracks all the way to the Pacific Ocean,
commented about working near the Atlantic Ocean at Sewells Point.  "The
wind blew all the time and I remember using a car puncher to move coal
hoppers and watching a "Pig" device stop them at the other end".  Landon
Gregory recalled working at Sewells Point and said "It was the only place I
ever worked that I got stuck on snow on level ground".  About the merger
one comment overheard "Wonder if that beaver and our horse will get along?"

 Then there's this:  This happened to an Englishman in France who was
totally drunk.  A French policeman stops the Englishman's car and asks if
he has been drinking.  With great difficulty, the Englishman admits his
daughter got married that morning and he drank champagne and a few bottles
of wine at the reception, and many single malts thereafter.  Quite upset,
the French policeman proceeds to alcohol-test him and verifies that he is
indeed totally sloshed.  He asks the Englishman if he knows why, under
French Law, he is going to be arrested.  The Englishman answers with a bit
of humor, "No sir, I do not! But while we're asking questions, do you
realize that this is a British motor car and my wife is driving...on the
other side?"

 Time to pull the pin on this one!

 Departing Now from V248,

 Skip Salmon


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