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Tue Mar 29 10:58:08 EDT 2016

I was told the second scene is "passing through Lurich", then the Vgn  
Bridge at Glyn Lyn.

There is more to come.  I put together a longer clip of a different  
series of material, from I believe Sept 1955.
On the return trip WB (on 15 I believe), there is a scene where they  
are coming into Bluefield, and he is obviously shooting out the  
engineers side
doorway, as you are looking forward along the smooth-side coach.  On  
the track next to him(opposite side of the station), they are  
overtaking a speeder.  There are
also other steam engines in the yard, which I cut out of the test clip  
since we all know where it is.  There is a quick scene of 203  
switching, and you see a J or K2 in the

The core of the video will be trackside views on the west end.  Dad  
never did my trackside shooting east of Portsmouth, but in the riding  
segment we see things like Bluefield, Roanoke, and so forth.  There is  
even a nice shot of #16 arriving at the end of track in Norfolk  
Station one morning.  Once I get more info on all these clips east of  
Portsmouth I can get rolling on the script.  This video has been a  
long time coming, and I think it will be the best of my dads material,  
since we lived along the N&W(Batavia), and we had steam there longer  
than most railroads in the area.  He tried to ride the train as much  
as possible for business travel until the diesels came on the scene.   
I will try to get the clip #2 uploaded later today.

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