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  I will model the Andover turntable regardless of its actual status, but am curious about its status in the early 1980s also.  Thank you.

Bob Bayles

Southern's Appalachia Division Timetable No. 7(eff. 05/21/81) shows
facilities for Appalachia (1 mile from Andover) and Andover lumped
together.  Oddly enough, there's a "T" (for turntable) shown.  So
Andover had a turntable when division points (Monroe for one) and
terminals had done away with them.

Servicing engines at Andover was a real pain.  There was insufficient
room to park multiple engine consists serviced and awaiting call.
Andover was also the terminal originating "Radio Flyers" and the radio
units had to be handled separately.  Another problem -- there was one
track leading to the service facility which received inbound consists
and the same track was used to dispatch serviced units; it wasn't
a double-ended arrangement.              Harry Bundy    
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