Heading to ride 611! Need some trip info!

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Tue Apr 19 16:04:00 EDT 2016

On Tue, Apr 19, 2016 at 3:02 PM, John wrote:

Three hours from Strasburg will barely get you into Virginia.  Its been a
> long time since I've been in that part of the state, but I expect
> Winchester is your best bet. I assume you will go to Harrisburg and catch
> 81. Then down to Staunton and across the next day

Yeah, going by Google maps, 3 hours (give or take) get you to or around
Winchester. There are a number of hotels around exits 313, 310, and 307.
Depending on your timing, Martinsburg, WVa is another possibility. You
could also press on just a little longer to Harrisonsburg. You would then
have several choices for heading west to head south to Cass -- U.S. 48 from
Stasburg, U.S. 33 from Harrisonburg, or U.S. 250 from Staunton.

Bruce in Blacksburg
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