Regarding driving to Cass, WV from Strasburg, PA

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Three hours from Strasburg will barely get you into Virginia.  Its been a
long time since I've been in that part of the state, but I expect
Winchester is your best bet. I assume you will go to Harrisburg and catch
81. Then down to Staunton and across the next day.

If you desire to do so, my suggestion would be to take I-81 a bit further
south than Winchester, Va. The choices of overnight accommodations and ease
of getting on/off I-81 and finding them being one reason, the other being
just the sheer numbers available.

Suggestions: about 35 miles south of Winchester is Woodstock, exit 283 and
I know there is a Hampton Inn there and also a few others as well. If you
go to New Market, exit 264 then you have both a Quality Inn and I think a
Days Inn, all the above being easily visible from the Interstate.

And if you really desire choices galore, there are the Harrisonburg exitS,
several exits, about 10-15 miles after New Market, and because of the James
Madison College there and much larger community in general, there must be
at least a dozen or more choices of decent clean, name-brand accommodations.

If you go as far as Staunton, another 20-25 miles beyond Harrisonburg,
there are also several choices, name brands with E Z off-on I-81 before you
head over the mountains to Cass.

I have stayed at the Quality Inn in New Market, several different ones in
Harrisonburg and Staunton, so I know those. New Market if fairly simple and
has a really easy off-on as well as the Johnny Appleseed Restaurant as part
of it. If you desire fast-food, the choices are the usual suspects
everywhere, but sit-down is also easily available in all the communities

My 2 cents worth.

Bob Cohen
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