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Use caution at Dingess Tunnel - it is one line wide; first vehicle in has the right of way; 
and coal trucks always have the right of way.  One day, while I was taking photos of the 
south portal, watched a red Mustang enter the tunnel, at speed; followed moments later by 
same Mustang backing out at even higher speed; as full coal truck expressed its authority.

Jerome Crosson;  formerly NJ; now St. Peters MO.  

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I am planning a trip to follow the roadbed of the 12 pole line from Lenore to Wayne to see what might be left from the N&W.  I believe Dingess tunnel was built by the railroad, and on Google Maps there looks like another tunnel a couple miles South of Breeden that may have been N&W.  There should be several bridges crossing 12 pole creek along this route and I am hoping that some of them are the original work of the railroad.  I would be very grateful for any information on what n&w structures still remain and also any advice on following the roadbed.  It appears that in some places no auto road was built on the old line or that in the intervening years any road that might have existed has been removed.  Has anyone explored this area?  What should I watch out for?
Jim Cochran

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