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Sat Jul 30 21:07:49 EDT 2016

I have attached 3 pictures that I am hoping to get help in determining
locations for.  The first has the "feel" of the Pokey to me and I am
speculating that it may be West of Welch somewhere.  The second appears to
show a work train on a fairly long tangent passing several RR structures.
The signal bridge looks a bit unusual compared to others I have seen in
photos and what is that block building in the left foreground?  The third
looks like a yard scene with maybe the end of a roundhouse showing at the
far right, but what is that girder structure that the 2004 is under and
does it have anything to do with the rails perpendicular to the track with
the wheelsets sitting on them?  With the creek in the foreground, my wild
guess is this might be Eckman.  Any information will be greatly
appreciated.Jim Cochran

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