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Image 1 is at Hemphill, WV (just west of Welch). See similar Bill Gordon
images on flicker:

- Roger Link

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> I have attached 3 pictures that I am hoping to get help in determining
> locations for.  The first has the "feel" of the Pokey to me and I am
> speculating that it may be West of Welch somewhere.  The second appears to
> show a work train on a fairly long tangent passing several RR structures.
> The signal bridge looks a bit unusual compared to others I have seen in
> photos and what is that block building in the left foreground?  The third
> looks like a yard scene with maybe the end of a roundhouse showing at the
> far right, but what is that girder structure that the 2004 is under and
> does it have anything to do with the rails perpendicular to the track with
> the wheelsets sitting on them?  With the creek in the foreground, my wild
> guess is this might be Eckman.  Any information will be greatly
> appreciated.Jim Cochran
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