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I cannot speak from any kind of railroad authority, just as a fan observing from the late 1960s onward. It was only occasionally that I saw foreign power in Roanoke. It was really a rarity to see anything out of the ordinary on up into the early 1980s. I remember seeing Union Pacific, Southern Pacific, Santa Fe and D&H, but again, it was certainly not common, especially compared with today.

I know they were here on rare occasions, but I never personally saw any of the F units here. It was even unusual to see bay window cabs in the area. None of the crews liked them due to no cushion underframe and no visibility in the mountains.

Other folks may have had a different experience.

Ken Miller
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> Reading the article about operations in Buffalo got me wondering, did locomotives from other railroads appear in or around Roanoke in the 1970’s either in pool power situations or “borrowed” (as the article called it) working off mileage? Obviously there were some on other divisions. But did they make it into the heart of the N&W/VGN? The only one I recall was a Southern Pacific GE locomotive that I saw at the Roanoke shops in 1973. And it looked like it had been in a wreck, so it might have been brought there for repairs or cannibalism.
> Don Trettel
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