Wandering Locomotives

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Yes, we would get some on trains 17 & 18. B&O units come to mind. They 
would be a slippery bunch on damp rail. Of course, these trains had 
Reading cabs on the other end.

Jimmy Lisle

On 8/9/2016 2:05 PM, NW Mailing List wrote:
> Reading the article about operations in Buffalo got me wondering, did 
> locomotives from other railroads appear in or around Roanoke in the 
> 1970’s either in pool power situations or “borrowed” (as the article 
> called it) working off mileage? Obviously there were some on other 
> divisions. But did they make it into the heart of the N&W/VGN? The 
> only one I recall was a Southern Pacific GE locomotive that I saw at 
> the Roanoke shops in 1973. And it looked like it had been in a wreck, 
> so it might have been brought there for repairs or cannibalism.
> Don Trettel
> in “too far from my roots” Washington

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