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Which leads to an interesting operational question. How many pushers would N&W stage there USUALLY?  How many OCCASIONALLY?  How many RARELY?

Dave Willis
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Grant has it right in all respects, except that judging from Ferrell's N&W--steam's last stand, which includes a virtual photographic essay on Boaz, I think you can judge that the siding likely could accommodate as needed three Ys.  That's the choice I made for my Blue Ridge grades pike, although I never position more that two Ys on the siding, which gives the effect of their not being "shoehorned in."

Frank Gibson

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The spur did not extend to Berkley Road. From an old post, the west end of track was near the east end of a short 3/4 degree right curve in the main and the trailing-point switch off of the eastbound main was at Bridge #96, a glorified culvert distinguished by steel pipe handrailing just west of MP N254.  Recently published photos more clearly show the point of switch virtually on the bridge. The spur was not much longer than two Class Y6's. Bruce wrote an article for The Arrow on Boaz a few years ago.

Grant Carpenter

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What were the limits (ends) of the pusher/helper siding at Boaz in the mid-late fifties relative to the present grade crossing with Berkley road?  Google maps shows a culvert near a cul-de-sac in a new subdivision on the North side of the right of way.  The road feeding into the cul-de-sac is named Savannah Drive.  I suspect this culvert may have marked the Eastern end of the siding and would have been where the switch and telephone shanty would have been located.  Hopefully more knowledgeable folks can supply additional details.  I would also like to know how far Westward the siding extended.  Did it make it back to the Berkley road crossing?
Thanks, Jim Cochran

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