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Grant has it right in all respects, except that judging from Ferrell's 
/N&W--steam's last stand, /which includes a virtual photographic essay 
on Boaz, I think you can judge that the siding likely could accommodate 
as needed three Ys.  That's the choice I made for my Blue Ridge grades 
pike, although I never position more that two Ys on the siding, which 
gives the effect of their not being "shoehorned in."

Frank Gibson

On 12/13/2016 10:03 AM, NW Mailing List wrote:
> Jim,
> The spur did not extend to Berkley Road. From an old post, the west 
> end of track was near the east end of a short 3/4 degree right curve 
> in the main and the trailing-point switch off of the eastbound main 
> was at Bridge #96, a glorified culvert distinguished by steel pipe 
> handrailing just west of MP N254. Recently published photos more 
> clearly show the point of switch virtually on the bridge. The spur was 
> not much longer than two Class Y6's. Bruce wrote an article for /The 
> Arrow/ on Boaz a few years ago.
> Grant Carpenter
> On 12/11/2016 12:08 PM, NW Mailing List wrote:
>> What were the limits (ends) of the pusher/helper siding at Boaz in 
>> the mid-late fifties relative to the present grade crossing with 
>> Berkley road?  Google maps shows a culvert near a cul-de-sac in a new 
>> subdivision on the North side of the right of way.  The road feeding 
>> into the cul-de-sac is named Savannah Drive.  I suspect this culvert 
>> may have marked the Eastern end of the siding and would have been 
>> where the switch and telephone shanty would have been located. 
>> Hopefully more knowledgeable folks can supply additional details.  I 
>> would also like to know how far Westward the siding extended.  Did it 
>> make it back to the Berkley road crossing?
>> Thanks, Jim Cochran
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