Picking up a pusher recording ?

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I believe this is the recording made 9/18/58 east of Boaz siding.  We need several items to get started.
What is the typical length of a time freight that requires a pusher EB from Vinton?This will help to establish where the recording started.  It would be about one train length east of Boaz siding

The pacing appears to last about 2 min 30 sec.
What is the final speed when Swearer's car stops and waits for 2152?Using that to determine an average speed (say 0 to 20 mph, about 10 mph avg).  That will give an indication of how far Swearer traveled beside 1218.

The entire train takes about 2 min 54 sec to pass.  If an average speed could be estimated, an estimate of train length may be possible.
It may be possible from all this to estimate the distance that Swearer paced 1218 from start to pass.

Dave Stephenson

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On one of the Bud Swearer N&W steam tapes, he paces 1218 on the head end 
of a train as it comes to a stop to pick up a pusher, then as it starts 
and he continues on until he comes to a road crossing where I am going 
to assume the train blocks his passage. This entire recording transpired 
over a considerable distance. I am trying to figure out what road he was 
driving on at that time. Anyone have a clue?

Jimmy Lisle

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