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My understanding is that it went to the VMT in Roanoke.I asked about it a few years ago and suggested to run it on a tank engine I had access to in order to make some recordings for the museum. I was told at the time that they would 'have to find it first'.  I do not want to assume what that meant, but I do hope it has been 'found' by now.

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I am curious as to what happened to the FT Nichols whistle after Mr. Lee Alley passed away.  I had the privilege of blowing the whistle several times on Mr. Alley's "whizzle machine". I have often wondered what became of the whistle after he passed away. I was told that the whistle was donated to the Smithsonian, but do not see it listed in their online listing of exhibits. I have even seen a poorly-worded YouTube video that makes the claim that the whistle was buried with Mr. Alley. I am just wondering if we will ever hear it blow again. Thanks in advance. Jason Hollifield 
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