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Now, to you actual question, how many exist today? To the best of my
> knowledge, there is no definitive list of such. It may be harder to
> recognize them today, as many have been modified with siding, or new
> windows, etc. etc. I can say with fair authority (having not been to a few
> of these places that recently), there is one in Salem right next to the
> track that has the distinctive porch trim in place, but has been added on
> to. There is one at Vicker that has been resided, there is one at Dublin,
> Elliston and Richlands. I am certain there are more.

​For the longest time, there was a house in the yard at Christiansburg that
was a section foreman house. It was adjacent to where the Kingston Branch
heads up along Depot Street.

​It was possible to stay in a section foreman's house in Abingdon -- I
believe the former bed and breakfast was put up for sale since it no longer
shows up on any listings.

Bruce in Blacksburg
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