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William J Powers:
I do not know about an NKP hand powered derrick coming to Roanoke nor
should I living in Lynchburg (55 miles +/- east of Roanoke) and not moving
back to the area until '70. However, around 1990, I photographed a Wabash
hand powered derrick east of the East End Shops in Roanoke. I do not know
the disposition of it. I will dig out the color slide as time permits.
Note to Harry B. :: NKP 50008 (N&W 550008), delivered in '48, is shown as
assigned to Ft. Wayne in my post merger records.
Charlie Long

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> WJP:
> Next trip to the archives, I'll attempt to find the proper
> BV-588 (Bureau of Valuation).  Equipment is listed by
> number, so I can't promise it will show.
> Roanoke's East End Shops made modifications to
> derricks, e.g. the boom from Norfolk Southern Rwy,
> #901 was transferred to a former Southern derrick and
> the left-overs were scrapped. Could be they modified
> the hand-cranked NKP car.
> Speaking of NKP derricks -- maybe you know, maybe
> you didn't, but the derrick assigned to East Wayne was the
> last operating steam derrick on N&W.  I *do* have a photo
> of that one.   East Wayne Shop used it to right shifted loads.
>                                                              Harry Bundy
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