"Takin' Twenty" with the Virginian Brethren by Skip Salmon

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Last night I had the pleasure of "Takin' Twenty" with five of the Brethren
and Friends of the Virginian Railway.  We signed a Happy Birthday Card for
former VGN Brakeman and Conductor Bill Turner.  Bill doesn't attend our
sessions very often because of his involvement with his local church on
Wednesday nights.  He turns 85 this Saturday.

 We discussed something that may involve some of you.  Last Sunday on CBS
"60 Minutes" there was as article about a problem with Remington 700 rifles
going off when the safety is released.  The problem has been documented on
you tube, and there have been several accidental shootings connected with
this.  I notified all my family who hunt and have Remingtons, and two have
model 710. They contacted Remington who told them NOT to load the firearms
until the rifles were repaired by them at no charge.  If you have one, or
know of someone who has, please notify them of this problem.

 To respond to a question from Steve Summers, I have contacted our F-M guru
Greely Wyatt about the Train Master horns.  He remembers them having the
Nathan 5-chime.  I have researched the actual specifications and know where
they are in the N&W Archives and will get the correct model to you Steve
the next time I have a chance to check on it.

 Speaking of Fairbanks Morse, did you know that like GE, F-M manufactured
refrigerators?  They were known for their "Conservador" model.  At the
meeting last night Greely was kidded by one of the Brethren as to why the
Train Masters did not have one of the refrigerators on board when VGN
bought them.  Greely said "they were lucky to have a water bucket".  I have
a photo of the VGN Heritage 1069 to the first responder who can tell me why
F-M called their refrigerator "The Conservador".  They didn't make as many
as GE but were known for this particular model because of its unusual
practical feature that GE did not have.  What was this practical feature?

  The Jewel from the Past is from August 6, 2009:  "Tuesday I met Kendal
Johnson, NS Carpenter working on the high trestle over the Roanoke River
east of  the Yateman's Viaduct on the old VGN near Wabun.  Seems the cross
tie people supplied NS some non-oak ties that did not last on the bridge
and the gang was replacing them.  Mr. Johnson told me that he grandfather,
James H. Johnson was an Engineer on the VGN.  James was given the Harriman
award and $1,000 in 1913 for saving a baby from the tracks.  Kendal is a
railroad pin collector but did not have a VGN "Safety First" pin, so I gave
him one (a replica).  He promised to bring his grandfather's Harriman award
and "take twenty" with the Brethren some Wednesday night".

 Then there's this (for Frank B.):  One day a man was walking along the
beach and came across an odd-looking bottle.  Not being one to ignore
tradition he rubbed it and much to his surprise, a genie actually
appeared.  "For releasing me from the bottle, I will grant you three
wishes" he said.  The man was ecstatic.  "But there's a catch" said the
genie.  "For each of your wishes, every lawyer in the world will receive
DOUBLE what you ask for".  "No problem" said the man.  "What is your first
wish" said the genie.  "Well I've always wanted a new Corvette".  POOF!  A
Corvette appeared in front of the man.  "Now every lawyer in the world has
been given TWO Corvettes.  said the genie.  "What is your next wish?"  "I
could really use a million dollars" replied the man and POOF there was a
million dollars at his feet.  "Now every lawyer in the world is TWO million
dollars richer" said the genie.  "Well that's OK as long as I've got my
million" the man replied.  "And what is your final wish?" asked the genie.
The man thought long and hard and finally said, " Well, you know I've
always wanted to donate a kidney."

 Time to pull the pin on this one!

 Departing Now from V248,

 Skip Salmon

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