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Strange. I don't see David W. Flickwir is mentioned in nicholsonheritage.org
<http://www.nicholsonheritage.org/tunkhannock-creek-viaduct/> historical
Just sayin', is he getting a little short changed?
These photos have gotten me thinking more about wire rope and cable
Charlie Long

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> David W. Flickwir (1852-1935) arrived in Roanoke as Construction Engineer
> of the Shenandoah Valley RR, rose to General Superintendent of the N&W's
> Eastern General Division in 1890, and resigned to establish his own
> large-scale construction contraciting firm in 1895.  His home on South
> Jeffrerson Street still stands.  Two of his major construction projects
> were building portions of the Lackawanna Railroad's New Jersey Cut Off
> (Port Morris Jct to the Delaware River at Slateford Jct) and Pennsylvania
> Cut Off (Scranton-Binghamton.)  Flickwir's greatest work was surely the
> construction (1912-1915) of the staggeringly massive Tunkhannock Viaduct 40
> miles northwest of Scranton - 240 feet high and weighing 670,000,000
> pounds.  (If you are ever in the area, do go to visit Tunkhannock - you
> will be awed by its immensity.   And the equally impressive 1848 Starucca
> Viaduct of the Erie is only 40 miles from Tunkhannock.)
> Steamtown holds the entire Lackawanna Railroad glass plate negative
> collection and each day releases scans of items from that collection.
> Yesterday's release included three photographs of the Flickwir work on the
> Pennsylvania Cut Off in 1913, one of which shows a Flickwir 0-4-0
> construction engine engaged in dumping dirt for a very large fill.
> http://lists.railfan.net/erielackphoto.cgi?erielack-02-20-17/B1485.jpg
> http://lists.railfan.net/erielackphoto.cgi?erielack-02-20-17/B1486.jpg
> http://lists.railfan.net/erielackphoto.cgi?erielack-02-20-17/B1487.jpg
> The images are interesting in that they show how major construction was
> done by steam locomotives and steam shovels, ropes, jib cranes, pulleys,
> sheaves and human muscle,  just before the advent of heavy machinery driven
> by internal combustion.
> -- abram burnett
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