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Mr. Powers,
Thank you for your response.  I understand your comments on geography.  My
remaining question is why would it be advantageous to allow an Eastbound
movement to proceed at restricted speed on the East-bound main and not be
advantageous to do so for an Eastbound movement on the West-bound main?
The layout of the middle siding appears to by symmetrical with respect to
both mains and I am trying to understand why the signalling should be
Thanks for your help,
Jim Cochran

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> Jim,
>     A restricting signal indicates the right to proceed at a restricting
> speed. That aspect does not deal with geography, it deals with trains ahead
> and track circuit continuity. It sits one position above "stop and
> proceed", which only deals with trains ahead - you must stop and then
> proceed at a restricting speed. Below that is "stop and stay". If there is
> a yellow plate with the letter "G" on it below the signal head displaying
> "Stop and stay" on the mast, a train on an ascending grade can pass the
> signal without the stop, ready to stop short of a train ahead. All the
> above very fine delineations of keeping your speed safely in check.
>     From the photo, I cannot tell what track the furthest EB signal
> controls. If it has a dummy mast to one side of it, it may control the
> center siding, and most likely be like an interlocking home signal and not
> have any aspect allowing a stop and proceed.
>     Wm J Powers
> On 4/19/2017 6:54 AM, NW Mailing List wrote:
> I believe the attached photo may show the West end of the middle siding at
> Villamont (confirmation would be appreciated).  My question concerns the
> East-bound signals that are visible.  The signal for the East-bound main is
> capable of displaying the RESTRICTING aspect while the one for the
> West-bound main is not.  In my understanding, one reason for the
> RESTRICTING aspect was to allow a train to proceed without coming to a
> complete stop on  a grade where it might have been very hard to start
> again.  Since this stretch is signalled for bi-directional running, why
> would the signal for the West bound main not also be capable of showing
> RESTRICTING?  It seems like the grade would have been the same for
> East-bound movements regardless of which main they were using.  Any
> thoughts?
> Thanks, Jim Cochran
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