CTC 'Call-On' switches

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> Joe,
> I am not familiar with road crews getting "fleet" signals, and rather 
> doubt they did, but I do know that on the switching leads on both ends 
> of Roanoke Terminal yard crews performing a lot of switching moves 
> would request the dispatcher to set the signals on fleet. When the 
> engine passed a signal, then reversed movement on the lead, when they 
> cleared the circuit in the opposite direction, the signals 
> automatically set back up for the crew to continue working by it. The 
> crews "had" the signal until they released it back to the DS, or until 
> the DS asked for it back.
> It eliminates a lot of radio traffic plus saves time since the crew 
> doesn't lose any time trying to contact the DS every time they need 
> the signal.
> Jeff Sanders
Exactly Jeff. Same thing out on the road.

Jimmy Lisle
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