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As a follow-up to questions about cattle shipments out of Honaker.  We're the cattle loaded at multiple locations on the line or at a single place?  Also, we're offline stock cars used on these runs or was it exclusively N&W cars?

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Dr. J. Brent Greer
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I remember reading that engines 6 and 7 were kept on the roster until the end of the steam era in order to service cattle shipments out of Honaker.  I would like to know more about those operations.

How often did those trains run?

How many stock cars would make up an average train?

Where were they shipped to  (more specifically,  what was the destination for the cars)?  Did they travel off line?

What was done with 6 and 7 between cattle shipping seasonso?

and, did these shipments continue at all in the diesel era?

Thanks !
Dr. J. Brent Greer
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