"DO" and "WB" Interlockings in Roanoke

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> In 1949 the N&W built two new interlockings in the Norfolk area: “WB” 
> at West Roanoke and “DO” at ?
"WB" & "DO" are in Roanoke, not Norfolk.
/In my lifetime,/ "WB" was nothing more than a name of a "control 
point". "DO" was the the dispatcher that controlled the signals on the 
west half of North Yard between 24th St. (Shaffer's Crossing) and "WB" 
and those in South Yard. At this time I did not get out to the west end 
of the yard very much, so, I can't remember if "DO's" western control 
limit was at "WB" or "West Roanoke". I am thinking "WB" ( I'm sure Abe 
and Jeff will tell more about this.
).  "Randolph St." controlled the east half North Yard.
     "DO" was located in the hump building/scale house at Shaffer's 
Crossing. The operator had a very small open room on the north side of 
the building at the top of the steps on the second floor (hump level 
being the first floor) where he handed out train orders & clearance 
cards and a control panel for signals. Lynn Gregory (recently deceased) 
was one of the long time "DO" operators. Later, "DO" was moved to the 
Call Office at 24th St. and later still was consolidated into "Randolph 

Jimmy Lisle
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