Need help with identification of an N&W hopper photo curiosity

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Mon Aug 7 06:56:31 EDT 2017

In the N&W facilities in color book, I found a photo that had a couple of
hoppers in the background (huge surprise there, right?).  However, at the
bottom of page 88 one of the cars caught my attention and has me now
scratching my head, so I turn to this august body for assistance in
identifying it.  (partial copy of photo attached here)

The hopper number is 4389 which should put it in the H3 class of hoppers.
>From looking at the side panels, it is clearly a 3 bay car.  But the end
sheets do not have the notch in the peak, although it does have a powered
brake wheel.  I had always been of the understanding that the rebuilding of
the HU to H3 was where the introduction of the notched end peak originated,
and although some wartime limitations resulted in the retention of the
vertical shaft brake system, all of the pictures of those that I have seen
still had the notched end peaks.   This end does look like the end used
on the HU, but with the power brake wheel, so I am puzzled...

Sincere thanks,



*Dr. J. Brent Greer*
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