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Thank you Glen.
I am writing a story that is not directly related to the N&W in that the people I am writing about work for the N&W. They lived in the Jaybird Beaver Pond area.
I would like to write this story and my exploration of the "old Line" with the Arrow when I am finished. It will be of first hand knowledge of the area and N&W operations in the early years. This old line has had my interest for many years, and I would like to get definitive answers on operations here. 
I look forward to reading your article in the Arrow.
Jeff Wood  
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 Haven't been to Petersburg in some
 time, so I can't tell you
 if the diamond is still in
 place,.  ACL's tracks on 
 Washington Street have been removed.
 One more item worth note -- Automatic
 Train Control was
 in effect on the ACL and three N&W
 4-8-2s equipped with
 GRS signal equipment were assigned to
 The Cannonballs
 AND to the shuttles operated by ACL
 crews Richmond-
 Petersburg. The engines equipped were
 121, 122, 123.
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 My research on the Peavine for an
 upcoming series for The Arrow indicates
 that of 1955 the old line through
 Beaver Pond was in service as a second
 main track but by 1958 it would no
 longer be in use.  In my planned August
 1955 "hypothetical" survey of
 operations on the district I have the Peavine
 Local out of Portsmouth in the clear at
 the quarry at Plum Run (on the old
 line) at noon time.  It is in the
 process of picking up stone (including
 ballast) after setting off
 empties.  The 1955 emp tt shows a telephone at a
 road crossing at Plum Run.
 Thus for me, the abandonment date of
 the old line is of great importance.
 Any additional comments?
 Glenn Fisher
 Cornwall PA
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