The last Steam "Cannonball" trip

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Question regarding the Cannonball:

Do we have a precise date or "about" date for when the conversion from
steam to diesel too place? I have heard that it was sometime in the summer
of 1958.

Bob Cohen

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The Cannonball operated between Richmond - Petersburg - Norfolk. The train
originated back in the early 1890 under an agreement between the N&W & ACL
to operate the service. The intent was to provide direct overnight sleeping
car service between Norfolk and New York via ACL at Richmond, RF&P and
Pennsylvania Railroads. The Cannonball crew and motive power were N&W. The
name Cannonball originated around 1900 changed from the Norfolk and
Richmond Vestibule Limited. By 1965 the sleeping car service ended and the
train was combined with the N&W Cavalier and the ACL Local passenger train
at Petersburg. This service 1967 when the Cannonball made its last

Herman Wilkins
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