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Dear Sirs,

Can you tell me if anyone has compiled a listing of the dates at which 
various segments of the N&W opened?  I am mostly interested in the 
system’s expansion between about 1883 and 1900.  Not necessarily every 
small coal branch, but the larger projects that brought it into new 
territory.  I have been preparing a time line of the PRR and related 
railroads which is on the web site of the Pennsylvania Railroad 
Technical & Historical Society, and because of the longstanding close 
relationship between the PRR and N&W, and the fact that NS ended up with 
a lot of ex-PRR property, I am trying to include more benchmark data for 
the N&W.

It is rather frustrating, because we have the company annual reports, 
but they mostly tell when they expect to open something, and unlike the 
PRR reports, do not usually date line openings themselves.  I have also 
used the Official Guide, but they often update the text of timetables 
without changing the date at the top.  I have tried Wolfe’s book on the 
Clinch Valley, Lambie and Striplin, without much luck.  Even Railroad 
Gazette does not have a lot of N&W news or the events are reported 
without a date.

Any suggestions you can give would be appreciated.  You are welcome to 
take whatever information you might find useful from the PRR Chronology.

Chris Baer

Hagley Museum and Library

cbaer at jhagley.org <mailto:cbaer at jhagley.org>

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